For commercial, industrial Electricians, Electrical Testing, Electrical Repairs, Periodic Inspections, Electrical Installation Condition Reports in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

contact Andrew Burnett for information on Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installation services such as :


  • Repair and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.
  • Installation of new circuits, Distribution Boards and Switchgear.
  • Fault finding


Claims of being "NICEIC Registered" are misleading, as the claimant may not have been assessed by the NICEIC for EICR/ Electrical Inspection or for electrical commercial installation work, by virtue of being a domestic installer only.



Health and Safety


Health and Safety legislation puts a responsibility on Duty Holders to employ competent persons to undertake Electrical Installation / Maintenance work and Periodic Inspection/ Condition Reporting in their Business premesis.


This requirement is not automatically discharged by employing an NICEIC registered contractor, it is merely advisable as a first step. The Duty Holder or Client must look further:

  • Who is actually going to be on-site undertaking the electrical work or Inspection?
  • Have they the requisite experience and knowledge to safely execute the task?
  • Ensure that tenders for electrical work state that they will comply with BS7671:2018 and that an appropriate / valid Certificate demonstrating said compliance will be issued.


Check if the NICEIC contractor is an Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer by clicking here


A Domestic Installer is registered for works relating to dwellings and houses only. Works outside this scope will not be covered by NICEIC guarantee of standards. Check that they are full scope Approved Contractor.